Device Performance Challenge

The Open Oximetry Project is trying increase access to our pulse oximeter validation tools, including clinical testing.

About this challenge

The Open Oximetry Project was created to improve the safety and accuracy of pulse oximeters in all populations. We recognize that many teams around the world are working to create new technologies and have need to validate them in human subjects. However, we also know that such tests can be difficult to access either do to cost or production timelines.

The Open Oximetry Project is soliciting applications from teams building pulse oximeter technology that specifically aims to improve global health equity. A limited number of applicants will be selected to receive free performance validation studies at the UCSF Hypoxia Lab in accordance with the 2022 ISO Standard.

Applications are considered on a rolling basis between now and June 15th.


This competition is open to anyone, including industry and academic initiatives or individuals. Priority will be given to diverse, multidisciplinary teams that are specifically aiming to bring devices to market that address current global health equity challenges in pulse oximetry (e.g. inaccuracy due to skin color).

  1. Anyone - industry, individual, private or public applicants;
  2. Will grant permission for device testing data to be shared publicly by Open Oximetry
  3. Are creating a device that specifically seeks to improve global health equity

Available device types:

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Click the button below to apply. A complete application must include: 1. Applicant name; 2. Contact Email; 3. Contact Phone; 4. Affiliated organizations; 5. Brief description (300 words) of your device, including how your device addresses current global health equity challenges and why your team is well positioned to solve these challenges. You may attach relevant supporting documents such as previously published data.

Only complete applications will be considered. Applications are considered on a rolling basis between now and June 15th, 2023.

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Yes. Please note that performance data will be shared via Open Oximetry.
Pulse oximeter performance testing can cost anywhere from US$20,000 to US$80,000. The competition will cover the cost of device testing, but does not include cost of team travel to observe the studies.
We strongly encourage makers to be present in the lab during device performance testing. This is especially true if SpO2 data cannot be easily obtained from the device display. The competition does not cover any costs associated with coming to the Hypoxia Lab (San Francisco, CA, USA).
We will test the device in 10-12 healthy human volunteers during controlled desaturation studies at the UCSF Hypoxia Lab, in accordance with ISO Standards. (Read more about testing standards and our protocols.)
Competition winners will be asked to submit device information for UCSF IRB review. Testing is contingent on this approval and is not guaranteed.
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