Collaborators' Community

The Open Oximetry Project was created to improve the safety and accuracy of pulse oximeters in all populations. We recognize that many teams and sectors around the world are working on these issues and hope to build a Collaborators' Community of stakeholders from diverse disciplines, geographies, industries, viewpoints and populations, to prevent duplication of efforts, share knowledge, and accelerate progress.


Upcoming Meetings

  •  Meeting 2 – Open Oximetry and ISO WG10 concurrent meeting (Draft agenda coming soon)

      Date: March 14-16, 2023
      Location: San Francisco, CA, USA and Zoom
      Registration: Please register here to join virtually via Zoom or send us an e-mail to join in-person in San Francisco (michael.lipnick AT Space to join the in-person meeting may be limited.

  • Meeting 3 – May TBD 2023
  • Meeting 4 – August TBD 2023

Past Meetings

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